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5 Art-Related Accounts to Follow on Instagram in 2020


Feeling a little down with all this grey weather? Here is something that should cheer you up! I spent a few hours in between midterm exams and studying trying to find my favorite art-related accounts for you to follow on Instagram and to fill your feed with something other than people going apple picking. So here are my top art-related accounts, but remember they are not in order, and this is not sponsored by any of the owners.

1) @iamurperfect

An Amateur writer and photographer, C├ędric has a few accounts that have caught my eye in the past, including this one, which is dedicated to his photo shoots. He likes to capture every moment as it happens, and the result is always perfect. He spends a lot of time finding the best angle and editing his photos to have the perfect lighting and the best outcome possible. There is actually a promotion going on right now (as of October 2020), where you could get to be the model for a lower price than usual, and it is even cheaper with a friend! You should check it out if you are in Montreal area!

2) @shawncoss

A mental health advocate as well as an amazing artist, Shawn shares on his page some of his drawings which are generally related to different mental health conditions. He mainly uses black, but sometimes adds a little bit of color. He also published a book and other items related to his works. During the month of October, he usually tries to publish at least one drawing a day for the #inktober but chose to skip it this year (2020) and concentrate on his other projects.

3) @crachezdesmots

This one is for French speakers because it is almost exclusively written in the love language. The page is owned by a guy named Jacob, and he posts his thoughts about love multiple times a day. Sometimes just a few words, and sometimes the whole page, and his poetry manages to touch the readers every time. Everything he exposes is related to whether you are a boy, a girl or everything in between. A must to make you think about yourself at any time of the day!

4) @yxngxr1

Born in Wales, Timothy Francis Lee is an inspiring singer that is, in my opinion, so underrated and not known enough. The 22-year-old man posts weekly pictures of himself followed, by a slide of one of his music hits. He always has something funny, but sometimes not very logic to say and changes his hair color every few days. He also has a nice clothing style and interacts a lot with his fans, since they are not too many (just yet).

5) @dominic.depeyre

Living in Montreal, Dominic is a master of black ink lines. He studied visual arts in college and is looking forward to studying fine arts in university. He realized many drawings and has exposed them in galleries in the past. He also won a few prizes for his work because it is not what we are used to see nowadays. It is possible for you to buy his work by sliding into his DMs and kindly asking him! He is a supporter of the BLM movements and many other current issues, as he and his brother are both part of the LGBT+ community.

So, these are the first five art-related accounts that are regularly on my Instagram feed and that should also be on yours. Don’t be afraid to give them a following and to like their content (if you enjoy it, of course) to make sure that our artists don’t give up their good work in these hard times. I hope that these amazing human beings will bring a little bit of a rainbow in this COVID time!

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