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All Artists Must Hear This: What Artwork Actually Sells

Artwork Actually Sells

Visual art is a powerful form of communication. You will find it in homes and offices, hanging on walls, and so on. Clients buy artwork for different reasons. And one of the questions that beginner artists keep asking is, “what artwork sells best?” We are here to demystify this dilemma.

Some people prefer to collect works of specific artists. Others may not particularly care if there is an artist behind the work are very demanding when it comes to styles for accenting their home d├ęcor. Some love vintage pieces. Others prefer more contemporary styles of wall hangings such as those at

Pieces of art can bring a warm welcome at the reception and many artists are turning to the internet to advertise their portfolios. We are often asked whether it is contemporary or traditional art that sells best. From sculptures, lighting art, paintings, and wallpapers, which media subjects gain the most sales? We are regularly seeking this information, and we will not hesitate to share it with you. Here are some facts every artist should know.

The Market is Unpredictable

The art industry is like any other sector. So, the statistics are bound to fluctuate. Sales change from one season to the next. You could be selling today, but tomorrow things might take a completely different turn. We are always encouraging artists not to waver in their ambitions. Never at any given time, think that your creativity cannot sell because it is not trending. If you have sold monumental size sculptures this month, you might sell more wall art and paintings next month. Make sure you have a mixture of both small and large pieces. In fact, the revenue for next year may go over and above the total sales for this year.

The Best Selling Artwork

Are you considering opening an art shop? You are probably unsure what medium, color, design, or subject that art lovers are looking for. Do not feel frustrated in the beginning. Be patient even when your work doesn’t sell. Stop jumping from one theme to the next when things don’t work your way. You might want to try some of these best-selling subjects today.

  • Modern landscape paintings
  • Traditional landscapes
  • Impressionistic landscapes
  • Dogs
  • Local footage
  • Wildlife
  • Nudes
  • Abstracts
  • Figures

Reasons Your Art is Not Selling

Create art that matches one of the above categories of themes. Some works sell better. While most artists focus on these subjects, it can be challenging to get the right buyers for their creations. So, why might you not be selling enough?

Lack of Sufficient Knowledge on Target Audience

By now, you should know that every style of artwork has a specific target audience. The target audience is the people who are passionate about your creations. Be sure to hunt for the target audience and show them your original work. Stop pitting yourself against other artists. Continue promoting your work, especially where the targeted buyers thrive.


The price of your art is a crucial aspect of sales. The most popular designs are more valuable because they are in demand. Good paintings always sell when marketed and appropriately priced. Some people cannot afford to buy original paintings. But they want the pieces displayed in their offices and homes. As such, affordable prints can sell better than original works. Likewise, limited editions sell more than open-ended editions. If you limit the production of prints, your edition will be more valuable to the buyers. But for open-ended editions, you will be earning from the original artwork regardless of how many pieces you sell.


The type of artwork that sells best can only come from you. You will have a select audience that believes in your work. Look for a specific niche and start promoting your business online. Regardless of how small you start, you must research the competitors. Check for the top-selling paintings at any given time. Find out how others are marketing themselves to build their name. Always keep in mind that the art that sells best is one that many people have seen.

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