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Smart Tips to Help You Market and Earn From Your Music

I have seen so many artists who make great music with very inspirational messages, yet this music is not paying as it is supposed to. Making music is time-consuming, and it drains us financially and mentally. Whilst we can get some help with the former thanks to the dj equipment finance options out there, the latter is hard to avoid. Apart from creating, there are other things we should do for our music to be heard by our target market in a way that attracts good money.


Before I get started on how to market our music and earn from it, below are two main things we artists should avoid if we want to make it in the music industry.


Upload and Relax

As artists, we often think that uploading our music on global music distributors like YouTube or TuneCore is the best way to get our music to the world. Many of us have done and are still doing it, but we should know that this alone will not take us or our music anywhere.


Getting a Record Deal

This is a prevalent method used by very many upcoming artists. When we are starting out, we all think that being signed by a renowned recording studio is a sure way to rise to stardom and make money from music. This is not always the case. Some artists end up paying more out of pocket to these studios.


Knowledge is power. Knowing what each action means helps us to make better decisions, and, in return, all of our plans start to fall into place.


With the things to avoid out of the way, let us now look at what we should do to get to where we want to be in our music careers.


Consider Our Fans and Our Target Audience

Knowing precisely who our fans are and the audience we are targeting with our music will save us a lot of money and promotion efforts. When we figure out what they like, what they do, and their age, we will be better placed to formulate marketing strategies.


Advancement in technology has enabled us to have access to personalized information. We can customize band websites and some music streaming accounts to get detailed information to understand our fans’ needs better. Acquiring this data will help when it comes to making effective marketing and promotion strategies. Taking that into account, we can also utilize SEO techniques through keyword optimization, sponsorships, page-specific backlink, etc., on our band’s website, YouTube, and other social media platforms. We can also explore marketing ideas like off-page SEO by doing some research through or consulting a marketing professional to create a buzz about our music band in public.


The Existing Fans

Maintaining an existing fan base is way cheaper than acquiring a new one. We should never forget about our existing fans while trying to reach out to new ones. We should keep them engaged by often producing unique and more meaningful music. When the fans are inspired and enjoying our music, they will share and recommend the music to their family and friends, and this is how we will expand our fan bases.


Social Media Marketing

Currently, everything is happening on social media. Interaction with fans and sharing our new music are key ways of marketing ourselves. Social media has now become the most affordable way of growing our fan base. One can take advantage of, say, Facebook’s paid ads to promote a new song. This will reach a large number of people from our target audiences. We can also upload our music on Facebook and Instagram daily with an aim of pushing our brands to the target market.


Radio Campaigns and PR

We can also hire people who are good at marketing and public relations to sell our music. I have seen this strategy working perfectly well for several artists. For beginners, looking for influencers will be a viable option because we don’t have to pay a lot of money, but this will depend on the influencer you get. Also, scheduling interviews on local radio stations is a great way to get our music played and reach more listeners, which means more sales for our music.


Make Great Music

Attending radio interviews, hiring PR personnel, and promoting our music on every platform available will not sell our music if the quality and the messages are not great. When the music is good, DJs, radio stations, and listeners will be drawn naturally to our music. This will get us invitations to events for performances, and this will market us as a brand even more.

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