About Revitalizing Downtowns

Revitalizing Downtowns is a jazzy lifestyle blog aimed at delivering fun & quirky subjects straight into your inbox.

We’re just three musicians, blogging about our day-to-day life and our favorite subjects. Most of the blogs you’ll find here are Music related; covering many of our favorite instruments such as the Piano, Guitar, and Keyboard.

Other blogs could be related to our personal interests – technology, art, travel, and so forth. Sit back, subscribe to our blog, and enjoy the ride.

Tom – The Music Man

Hi, I’m Tom and I am obsessed with music! I love to play notes, study recitals and play them back to my 3 young children. If I’m not playing piano somewhere – then the odds are high that I am on the Guitar, in my music room.

Unless I’m doing the school run or spending time with my wife, I am pretty much living and breathing music a solid 95% of the time.


Phil – The Drummer

My name is Phil and I believe I do have a calling for being apart of a worldwide renowned band, such as Slipknot, Linkin Park or Greenday. I truly believe that I am the best drummer in the world (mostly when I am in the moment and playing drums to the annoyance of my neighbors!). Luckily, I have other skills to rely on to get me through life other than music – I have a keen eye for Art and Photography. Where I spend a lot of my free time as a freelance photographer, whether it is wildlife or weddings.


Liam – The Newbie

Welcome, I’m Liam and I have only been playing musical instruments since 2019. So you could say that I am the newbie on the block.

This gives me an opportunity to learn from Tom and Phil, as well as giving you a perspective from a relatively new musician’s point of view. I hope this gives any other new musicians the inspiration to get up and start playing!