6 Cool Tips You Should Know when Purchasing an Electric Guitar

Electric Guitar

From rock, jazz, country music to the blues, the electric guitar is one of the greatest music inventions of all time. It is a versatile instrument, whether played in a background or lead role. It is capable of creating different sounds and served to develop rock and roll, heavy metal music and the electric blues. Some of the greatest players of the electric guitar are Jimi Hendrix, Charlie Christian and the well-known Carlos Santana. Perhaps inspired by these great icons, many want to start playing the electric guitar. So how do you choose an electric guitar? Well, choosing an electric guitar is both exhilarating and tricky. Here are some great tips to use when purchasing an electric guitar:

1) Choose a suitable body type
Comfort comes first when choosing an electric guitar. This is because some electric guitars are not easy to play in certain positions. For example, the Gibson Flying V is uncomfortable to play while seated. Some of the different body types are the solid body guitars, guitars with hollow and semi-hollow bodies and electric guitars with chambered bodies. The solid body guitars are the most common, and they do not have a sound chamber, thus increasing their efficiency over the other types of guitars.

2) Consider the wood used
There are different types of wood used when making a guitar. The wood used has a vital effect on the sound the guitar produces. Poplar, mahogany and maple are the most commonly used types of wood on guitars. Other types of wood used are alder and ash. Mahogany produces a warm tone when played while the maple has a penetrating sound. Good quality wood will, therefore, produce high-quality sound.

3) Study the hardware parts of the guitar
Manufacturers tend to cut costs by using cheap hardware on guitars. When selecting an electric guitar, checking the volume knobs, pick-ups, tone knobs, and output jacks are crucial in ensuring the purchase of a quality guitar. Enquire if they provide the guitar picks, and if they don’t, you can get custom guitar picks that have your name or photo. Second-hand guitars are likely to have hardware problems. Therefore, it is best to check before purchase.

4) Understand the guitar’s sound
To understand the sound of a guitar, an amplifier is crucial. Thus, when testing the sound of various guitars, use one amplifier to ascertain their different sounds. This is because using several amplifiers may lead one to love the sound produced by a particular amplifier as opposed to the sound produced by a particular guitar. Different electric guitars produce different sounds and therefore, learning the ideal sound of a good guitar is crucial before purchasing. Additionally, check the intonation of the guitar by strumming individual notes. However, novice players should not stress themselves about this as the ability to tune a guitar grows with experience.

5) Weigh the cost
Most guitar enthusiasts think of money before purchasing a guitar because good quality electric guitars are rarely cheap. Electric guitars cost between $200 and $5000 depending on whether it is a beginner level guitar or a high-end guitar. This amount does not include the cost of straps, bags, plectrums and amplifiers. However, one can get great deals on online market platforms where second-hand electric guitars and accessories are available.

Whether you want to be part of a rock band or you want to play for fun, an electric guitar is one of the most versatile instruments to use. It produces a unique sound that reverberates in music concerts or in neighborhood garage studios. Other features like the plectrums, straps, pedals, guitar bags or cases and electronic tuners are crucial in completing the functionality of the electric guitar Get your electric guitar today, draw inspiration from your music icons, and get playing.

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