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Tips to Help Buy the First Piano

Pianos are one of the most beautiful sounding and versatile musical instruments. A piano could play very well together with other musical instruments or play alone as a perfect solo instrument. The benefits are endless with learning a musical instrument like a piano, whether you are doing it as a hobby for your personal health benefits or you are doing it as an attempt to make it in the music business after following advice from websites like, there is no bad side to learning an instrument. However, it is also one of the most expensive big-ticket items in a household. If we are planning to buy an acoustic piano, the following are the tips to help us buy the first piano.

The Budget

As pianos are very expensive, the budget should always be the first thing for us to consider before buying a piano. Remember to include things like finding the best piano stool in your budget too. In general, pianos cost much more than the other musical instruments now that it is very durable. We have to decide how much or little we would like to spend on getting a piano.

A New or Used Piano

Usually, unlike the other musical instruments, pianos are very durable if we take care of them properly. On average, pianos have a lifespan of 40 years, and also their value gets depreciated very little as time goes. While a piano costs much more than the other instruments, the investment on it could be well worth thanks to its durability. Decide whether we could afford a new piano, or if we are willing to settle for a used one. If we determine to buy a used piano, we should bring a pianist, piano technician, or piano teacher to help inspect it before we purchase the instrument.

The Size of the Piano

We have to decide how much floor space we could afford to accommodate the piano. A grand piano is big and more responsive, but very costly. Usually, it ranges between 5 and 9 feet. Also, there are vertical pianos that range between 36 and 51 inches in height. However, due to its small size, a spinet is very popular. We should do the homework to research different sizes of pianos, which could help choose the right one to buy.

The Styles of the Piano

Pianos have different sizes and styles. We should look at what kind of wood used, the music rack as well as the leg design, the cabinet style, the color, and the overall look while shopping for a piano. Some people look for pianos depending on how it could complement the other furnishings at home.

Where to Go for the Piano

Unlike the other instruments that we could shop online, we have to see and touch the pianos to determine their quality. Search the classifieds in the local newspapers to get the idea of how much a new or used piano costs. We should go to different piano dealers; bring someone who knows or plays piano well along if it is possible. This could help determine if the piano sounds and performs well.

Ask for Questions

While buying a piano could be an excellent investment, it is also very costly. We should ask for questions if we have any doubts or thoughts in mind. Ask about its durability, sound, performance, aesthetic and internal construction, or others. We need to be familiar with a piano’s different parts and functions to better understand what we want and seek.

Warranties, Repairs & Others

We could ask about warranty information, such as how long it lasts and what it covers. We could ask about maintenance, such as where to go for repairs. We could also check if the store has a promotion that could offer us some discounts. When we have decided to purchase the piano, we should check out if the purchase price covers delivery. We should also ask the seller to check the tuning of the piano and clean it before delivering the piano.

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