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Transforming Home Living to Fit the Current Demands of Covid-19

The current global pandemic will have a long-lasting effect on how we design our home spaces. Our houses are not simply places to sleep or rest after work. Since Covid-19 broke out, our rooms have seen major transitions from turning into makeshift classrooms, studios, home offices, gyms, movie theatres, and so on. At the end of the day, we have tons of activities happening in the same house. Big family homes and studio apartments have adapted to these new uses. Ultimately, we have changed the way we see these spaces. It is a perfect time to find the true functions of our residences. We want a place where we can feel safe, comfortable, and inspired. There are many areas we can tweak to suit the present social distancing and hygiene needs.

Home Spas

A bathroom is a special escape we run to after a long day. Now more than ever, we need a spa-like experience because many commercial spas have limitations while others have been closed. We can now see the importance of a cool environment where we can relax and let off stress. A steam function for a shower would be a great addition to enhance relaxation. In addition to the bathroom, we need to make sure our beds are fit for purpose so we can capitalize on this relaxed state and drift off peacefully. If you’re not getting the sleep you need, think about how you could help yourself. You might realize that you’ve not replaced your mattress in years, so you may wish to purchase a new one, and you can check sites like Raise (see it here) to see if there are discounts to be had with well-known bed specialists, so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Bigger Home Office

With the number of work-at-home professionals rising, we have been forced to change our rooms into home offices. We can always squeeze a desk and chair in the living room to cater to this need. Basements and bedrooms can also serve as makeshift offices. Everyone can now see the benefit of designing bigger home offices at the construction stage. We need a more defined space as opposed to a temporary desk for remote work. Interior design services are now receiving more orders than ever before. This means homeowners need multifunctional spaces that can fit into their houses seamlessly. They need ergonomic furniture, a working air conditioner (repair services can be found here) as well as large windows to allow natural light in. Alternatively, they may look to the installation of the right kind of lighting for a home office space. This might entail having to look for professional help, like electrical service providers who can come in and set up extra lighting or electrical outlets where required. Reaching out to companies like Xpert Electric ( might help people working from home set up a functional and well-lit office space.

Set Up a Faster WiFi

With the office space set up, the next thing on the list has to be a steady internet connection. Working from home has its perks, but without fast and steady internet, efficiency is bound to take a hit. Third-party service providers like HighSpeedOptions who have tie-ups with multiple ISPs like Verizon, AT&T, Spectrum, CenturyLink and others, could provide an array of plans and features, that can suit the needs of an individual. Apart from the Spectrum, SuddenLink, centurylink internet plans, some bundles are offered by these companies, which though weigh a little more on the pocket, but give more features and advantages to the client.

Stylish Desk Chairs

As we continue to introduce home offices, we will be looking to update our desks often. Adding stylish desk chairs is a way of revamping the interior décor. You’ve likely already added some cool Craft & Oak prints and perhaps a stylish rug, so a new desk chair is the next step. Why not get one to match your wall art? For one, a good chair should be ergonomic, but it doesn’t have to look like the corporate model in a government office. We can choose models that fit into our home aesthetics. Comfort is key but a style that matches our interior design tastes is irresistible.

Toilet Hygiene in Design

There is an increased demand for smart loos not only in health facilities but homes as well. Smart toilets offer a hygienic layout and technology to prevent the spread of microbes. They combine water closet, bidet, and air drying. Some designs have an option for a heated seat. The all-inclusive layout provides a wide array of spray settings with different intensity levels. We may personalize and save profiles for different household members. Some smart models come with app controls so we can pair our devices with a smart toilet within the same range. With motion sensors, the toilet lid automatically opens so we can keep our hands off the lid. That said, we need less toilet paper hence reducing the environmental impact. Then the night light function leads our way when it gets dark. We need such hands-free models to stay clean and keep our homes in their best shape.

Comfy Outdoors

We need living rooms in the backyard to relax after working for hours in a home office, maybe a backyard studio to flex the creativity muscle after a long day of being… non-creative at a desk and screen. These outdoor spaces may need heaters during winter. Other significant features to include are smokeless fire pits that resemble tin cans. They are affordable and we can still have a real fire in them. This solution is perfect for homes with smaller backyards where a fully-fledged fire pit is hard to install.

How we view and design our home décor has taken a new shape that is likely to last forever. We are not yet sure if we will continue working from home when the pandemic is over. But there is one sure thing: the epidemic has made a huge impact on home design. It has increased the need to get intimate with our spaces. Let us welcome the new changes to enjoy a better life.

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